Nail Bar

Nail Bar Services | K Prive' Salon & Nail Bar - Gamdevi, Mumbai

Indulge in our exquisite Nail Bar services at K Prive Salon & Nail Bar in Gamdevi, Mumbai. Experience stunning nail art, manicures, pedicures, and more.


Exfoliating, Luxury Delight, and Paraffin manicures are among the three exclusive services offered by Kprive Salon.

The Spa Manicure, an all-herbal manicure, uses organic materials to relax your muscles and calm your nerves.

An effective technique to brighten dull or sun-tanned skin is with the Radiant Manicure. With the help of this unique manicure, get rid of unevenly tanned skin.

For dry hands, the Intense Moisturizing Manicure is advised. For soft, lovely hands, soak your hands in a specific moisturising combination.

The paraffin pack from Kprive, for example, encourages blood flow, calms your muscles, and increases skin suppleness. In addition, we provide nail arts. You can get chic French polish or cutting-edge nail art from our skilled nail care specialists.

The hands that feel softy soft.


The finest stress reliever for the body is a pedicure. Your feet’s stress is released, relaxing and detoxifying your entire body.

At Kprive, our three varieties of pedicures—the Luxury Exotic Pedicure, the Luxury Exotic with Gel Lacquer Pedicure, and the Luxury Delight with Paraffin Pedicure—are our specialties.

Get your feet pedicured while you’re on the move!

Waxing and Threading

Our pros go above in order to make sure that our clients have a relaxing and generally pain-free grooming session. Your body is cared for using the highest calibre goods at Kprive Salon.

Your face features are taken into account when threading your brows, and body waxing leaves you with a silky smooth appearance.

Embrace our professionals’ comfort as you groom yourself!

Nail Art

Do you want to be the center of attention and stand out from the crowd? Your nails are given the utmost care at Kprive from keeping them simple to giving them a confused, ornamented look.

Nail art is a unique method to customize and embellish your nails whatever you like, bringing more attention to your attire!