Hair Care Services | K Prive' Salon & Nail Bar - Gamdevi, Mumbai


   Hairstyles & Cuts

Make your best features stand out with the ideal mane! Our hair stylists are excellent at defining your face and adding volume to your hair while also giving it movement.

You can rely on our hairstylists at KPrive Salon to provide you the newest hairstyle while taking into account your preferences. The relaxing hair wash and conditioning that come with new haircuts give you a natural shine.

A haircut is all it will take to meet the new you!


Hair Highlights & Coloring

Add a splash of color to completely transform your appearance!

Root touchup, global coloring, streaking, block coloring, and creative coloring are among All Naturals’ hair coloring options. All of our hair coloring supplies are free of ammonia. With just a few streaks of our ammonia-free hair color, our hair specialists may completely alter the way you look!

Highlights are the way to go if you want your hair to have depth and dimension. Because we at Naturals value healthy hair so highly, we take great care when selecting the color for your hair. We will assist you in making the best color choice based on your skin tone, face shape, and personality as a whole.

Play with color to reinvent who you are!


Hair Spa

A decent hair spa is essential for treating yourself and your hair to some Love. Thanks to the skilled, kind hands of our hair care specialists, Kprive pampers every strand of your hair. Our hair spa treatments are a healthy luxury that stimulate your scalp, exfoliate your hair, and encourage hair growth. The greatest remedy for dry, frizzy hair is a hair spa treatment. Your body is also relaxed, and stress is reduced.

Get some exhaustive pampering!


Hair Straightening

Have you ever wished for silky, straight hair? Kprive Hair Straightening Services provide you with incredibly silky, straight hair, leaving your smiles as the only curves.

With our secure and well-vetted brands, including L’Oreal, our hairstylists make sure you receive a damage-free hair straightening treatment. Keep your hair frizz-free and worry-free by choosing our hair smoothing treatments!

Natural silky straight hair with Kprive!


Keratin Service

Kprive salons Keratin Services By making your hair tougher and less likely to break, Keratin Services gives you the greatest hair restoration therapy, giving you voluminous, thicker-looking hair!

In a moment, breathe fresh life into your damaged, lifeless hair!